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About Beedash

Our Mission

At Beedash, we strive to be the premier technology partner for restaurant equipment dealers. Our mission is to provide intelligent and user-friendly solutions that simplify product management and streamline the selling process. We are committed to empowering dealers with the tools and insights they need to grow their businesses with confidence.





Beedash: Empowering Small and Mid-sized FES Distributors with Tailored Product Listing Solutions

Beedash: Empowering Small and Mid-sized FES Distributors with Tailored Product Listing Solutions

In the early 2010s, President Kari Whittemore recognized the need for product information listing solutions among small to mid-sized FES dealers in the equipment and supply industry. This led to the development of a company that initially began with a small number of catalog websites and eventually expanded to host dozens, and now over 100 websites.

Beedash’s proprietary software, Corestack, is a powerful SaaS tool that streamlines the product data management process for foodservice equipment and supply distributors. Corestack optimizes vendor and manufacturer product listing data to ensure consistency, accuracy, and efficiency for use in digital selling, digital marketing, and other product data needs.

In addition, Corestack offers a range of features to further support FES distributors, such as the ability to manage multiple product catalogs, automate the data entry process, and integrate with other e-commerce platforms. These features help to save time and resources, enabling small and mid-sized FES distributors to compete with larger distributors in the digital market.

Beedash works closely with dealers and vendors to support the automation of processes and reduce resource needs. They understand the challenges faced by small and mid-sized FES distributors and are committed to helping them to remain competitive by offering tailored solutions to meet their unique needs.

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