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Our Mission

Beedash is a technology company providing FES product management solutions for the modern restaurant equipment supply industry. Our extensive, industry-encompassing product database coupled with our intelligent product management platform allows dealers to list products from an ever-growing catalogue of over 300,000 products from hundreds of manufacturers. Our dealers unlock tools and insights to grow their business with clarity and simplicity.





Beginnings in Small Business

In the early 2010’s, President Kari Whittemore built a handful of catalog websites for small to mid-sized FES dealers and quickly identified the need for product information listing solutions among the equipment and supply industry. Soon after, Place1SEO was formed and the company grew from a handful of websites to hosting dozens of websites populated with tailored product listings created by the dealers themselves off of the Place1SEO proprietary software.

For years, Place1SEO took immense pride in supporting small to mid-sized FES distributors online impact and it was this drive that fueled our determination to improve the catalog software for distributors and vendors alike. It was time to even the online playing field preventing business owners from competing with big box distributors so in 2022, Place1SEO became Beedash.

Beedash represents the opportunity for foodservice equipment and supply distributors to enter the digital market in a meaningful manner.

At Beedash, we care.

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