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Unleash Your Business Potential with Corestack 
The Ultimate PIM Solution for FES Dealers & Distributors

Simplified Product Catalog Management

Sell products from the industry’s top manufacturers online with ease. With Corestack product catalog management, gain access to curated product content and stay ahead of market trends. Our PIM makes product selection from your preferred vendors a breeze, catering to your unique business needs. Explore, price, list, and sell online effortlessly.

Corestack software for the foodservice industry

Master Your Catalog: Superior Product Information Management with Corestack

Maintain and regulate competitive pricing advantages in a meaningful format.

Review product information and quickly calculate your profits with Corestack’s Pricing Manager. Export full reports tailored to your business goals. Customize your discounts, margins, markups, custom pricing on multiple catalogs from your dashboard.

Take Charge of Your Catalog

Streamlined Pricing Management with Corestack

Corestack simplifies your pricing process: vendors supply list and MAP pricing, and you add your vendor discounts along with margins or markups. Our system then calculates the final pricing, ready for immediate use. When vendors change their list prices, Corestack’s Pricing Manager recalculates and adjusts your selections accordingly. As MAP pricing becomes available, it is also integrated into your selections, helping you keep your pricing strategy up-to-date and market-relevant.

Corestack Product Information Management Features

Key Features of Corestack Product Manager

Expansive product database with nearly 400,000 food service industry products.
Stay updated with notifications about product and brand changes.
Effortlessly manage custom pricing across multiple catalogs.
Enter vendor discounts with up to 10 inputs.
Apply discounts and markups at individual product levels.
Export your catalog or integrate with Corestack API.

A Product Content Library Containing Over 200 Food Equipment & Supply Brands and Counting

An Extensive Product Content Library – Over 200 Food Equipment & Supply Brands and Growing
Visualize Corestack's Product Catalog Management Flow

Maximize Efficiency with Corestack PIM

A well-structured product information management system is key to operational efficiency. From inventory and project management to sales and marketing, Corestack PIM provides a comprehensive solution to organize, optimize, and confidently list your brands.

Real Success Stories

Aziz Elqarnani is the President of Cary Restaurant Equipment. He talks
about his successful 3 years with Beedash and the 187% growth his
company has seen.

If you need an FE&S product listing website, Aziz recommends Beedash.

New Corestack Product Content API Now Available

Step 1:
Build and Manage Content-Rich Product Catalogs

Step 2:
Configure Product Pricing for Easy Quoting

Step 3:
Use API to Connect Your Product Catalogs

Integrate your managed product catalog with your website with our API

Introducing the New Corestack Product Content API.

Step 1:
Craft and Manage Engaging Product Catalogs

Step 2:
Configure Product Pricing for Streamlined Quoting

Step 3:
Connect Your Product Catalogs with Corestack API

Webstack and Corestack create a powerful ecommerce website
Webstack- We build and manage your product catalog on a Magento website

Boost Your Online Sales with Corestack

Configure dynamic product catalogs that integrate seamlessly with Webstack ecommerce-optimized websites, simplifying your online selling process.

Beedash for the Foodservice industry

Effortless Product Catalog Management:
Download & Upload with Ease

Eliminate the labor-intensive sourcing of vendor product information with Corestack’s innovative product catalog management. Our easily downloadable product catalog not only saves you valuable time but also enhances your operational efficiency in Product Information Management (PIM).

This catalog, ready for immediate upload to your website, ERP, POS, and online marketplaces, is crafted to integrate smoothly with various systems, streamlining your product information management process. Regular updates reflect the most recent product additions, ensuring you always have the latest product information at your fingertips.

With Corestack’s commitment to data accuracy, you can rest assured that the product data you download is reliable and up-to-date. This empowers you to make informed decisions and offer your customers the most relevant product choices, improving their shopping experience and boosting their satisfaction.

Your Online Listing & Selling Powerhouse

Configure robust product catalogs that seamlessly integrate with Webstack ecommerce optimized websites for simplified online selling