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21 December, 2021

Corestack Update Release – Version 3.1

21 December, 2021

New & Improved Dealer Dashboard

Vendor Updates Log

Pure Industry Insight

Stay up to date on the brands you work with from the new, Vendor Updates Log. Track updates to product price changes, discontinuations, additions, model number changes and more, relevant to the brands you work with.

Catalog Submission History

Never lose track of the last time you maintained the product selections inside your Corestack catalog on the Latest Website Updates widget. This shows you your last completed website updates, whether it was a request from you to update your website, or one of our admin team members updating your website to keep up to date on the latest vendor pricing and product details. If you click on one of these, you can download a report by clicking “See Product Selection Details”

Product Limit Management

Track your product subscription limit and easily request changes to your package as your build out your product catalog.

Selection Manager Improvements

Open, search and select directly from a vendors entire catalog in the ALL Products view. Quick navigation for efficient catalog generation.

Pricing Manager Examples

Check your math as you work through the pricing manager with real product examples calculating at your margin or markup.

Have a Request for a New Feature?

Feel free to let us know at anytime which features you’d like to see in Corestack Product Information Manager. You can submit a feature request using our Corestack Service Desk’s Feature Request form linked below.