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15 July, 2022

Corestack Update Release – Version 3.3.0

15 July, 2022

Corestack v3.3.0 provides a new level of user experience with major optimizations built to improve your workflow inside the software.

  • Improvements to software speed as you navigate between selection and pricing tools.
  • Optimized responsive design – use Corestack from all your devices!
  • Filter framework functionality was introduced, improving user navigation on a web catalog. Watch out for more filter advancements in future releases!
  • Stay on top of your website with email notifications from Corestack alerting you that a website update is complete.

Have a Request for a New Feature?

Feel free to let us know at anytime which features you’d like to see in Corestack Product Information Manager. You can submit a feature request using our Corestack Service Desk’s Feature Request form linked below.