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Dealer Case Study

Industry Insights and Digital Mastery: Beedash’s Role in Budget Supply’s Success

“We knew our business, but Beedash showed us how to really get it noticed online.”

Bryan – Budget Restaurant Supply

This case study details the successful digital transformation of a Budget Supply, an independent dealer business operating within the Food Equipment Service (FES) industry. Faced with constraints shared by small to mid-sized dealerships nationwide like limited human resources and physical space, Budget enlisted the expertise of Beedash. Utilizing their proficiency in Magento website development, rich product content solutions and digital marketing, Beedash was instrumental in driving growth for Budget.

Phase 1: Building a Robust Digital Storefront (Jan 2019 – June 2019)

Beedash constructed a comprehensive Magento website for Budget, cataloging over 10,000 products from the Corestack Product Information Management (PIM) system. Each product page was laden with SEO-rich content, schema, and metadata, which led to a major boost in organic visibility and valuable website traffic after being indexed by search engines.

Phase 2: Initiating Local Digital Marketing (July 2019 – Dec 2019)

Upon successful website indexing, Beedash launched a robust digital ad campaign focusing initially on local customers. By the close of 2019, the Local Ads and Google Shopping Ads campaigns had garnered a combined 2.56k clicks and 72.03k impressions, paving the way for expansion to a national scale.

Phase 3: Adapting to COVID-19 and Expanding Online Presence (Jan 2020 – Dec 2020)

Faced with the global disruptive impact of COVID-19, Budget swiftly pivoted its strategy with the help of Beedash. They expanded their online presence through social media marketing and Local & Google My Business (GMB) listings, and partnered with Beedash to refine product content and launch Smart Shopping campaigns. Despite industry slowdown, these strategies sustained steady website traffic.

Phase 4: Broadening the Digital Campaign (Jan 2021 – mid-2022)

In 2021, the Special Focus PPC campaign impressed with 3.19k clicks, 45.6k impressions, and 290 conversions. Within 18 months, Budget Supply experiences lasting, tangible and measurable growth. Early 2022 saw the launch of a Display Ad campaign that achieved 80.8k clicks, 1.1m impressions, and 607 conversions in the very first year. Mid-2022 introduced Dynamic Product Retargeting, significantly boosting website traffic.

Phase 5: Continuous Growth (Mid 2022 – Now)

Tailored adjustments to the Display Campaign led to a bounce back overcame initial setbacks, leading to a result of 66.5k clicks and 1.7m impressions in 2023. The Special Focus PPC campaign remained active, generating 1.14k clicks, 15.5k impressions, and 75 conversions in the first half of 2023 alone.


Budget Supply saw significant improvements in brand awareness, website traffic, and bottom-funnel conversions, transforming from a small operation to a competitive online player in the FES industry. The growth continues to this day, with efficient resource utilization facilitated by Corestack’s rich product content.


This case study demonstrates how a strategic, phased approach to digital transformation can propel businesses to new heights, overcoming resource limitations and thriving even in challenging conditions. Beedash’s expertise with rich product content paired with Magento website development and digital marketing was pivotal in this journey, underlining the value of specialist support in successful digital transitions.

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