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PIM for eCommerce


Rising consumer demand for online purchasing options met with the inflating costs of automated product data feeds creates a barrier of entry to the digital marketplace for the average equipment dealer. eCommerce stores that opt out of an expensive tech integration are then faced with the cost of time and resources spent collecting and organizing product information on spreadsheets. This was the way of eCommerce for dealers…. before Corestack.

Corestack is eCommerce-optimized, product information management for restaurant equipment dealers. Streamline vendor communications and quickly generate a product catalog, ready for use on an eCommerce platform. Let Corestack worry about managing price updates to your product list so that your items stay competitive on the digital market.

Skip the price sheets

Enter your trade discounts and pricing factors so that when a brand you work with has a price change, your products are automatically recalculated at the new competitive price structure.

Manufacturer updates made simple

When your manufacturers release updates to products, expect Corestack to generate an updated catalog and alert you that your optimized product data is ready. From price updates, MAP changes, line additions or discontinuations to spec sheets, a Corestack catalog’s details are maintained for you.

Skip the price sheets

Corestack product data is structured for online search ranking and powered with a foundation in premiere SEO technology. Get discovered by your target audience with a meta-rich, robust product catalog designed for local lead generation and eCommerce excellence.

Ready For More?

Create online visibility of your unique Corestack catalog & revamp your online presence with Web+Corestack.