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PIM Versatility

Your Data Your Way

Distributors managing product databases for efficiency platforms like ERP’s, price books, eCommerce stores, points of sale or other tools know the reality that is organizing and updating product information. If available solutions that exist don’t fit your business’s goals and you’ve exhausted the spreadsheets, Corestack can be your source for efficient product data.

Versatile and up-to-date data ready for whatever your equipment dealership needs.

  • Corestack automatically manages price updates to your product list so that your items stay competitive on the digital market.
  • Skip the price sheets – enter your trade discounts and profit factors so that when a brand you work with has a price change, your products are automatically recalculated at the new competitive price structure.
  • Optimized & updated product information – never miss an update from a customized dashboard.
  • Stop overpaying for data feed subscriptions – build a product catalog on your terms with Corestack.

Tailor a product catalog and receive updated information when manufacturers change their product pricing and other relevant information. From your in-store POS to ERP platforms and mobile price lists, Corestack’s product information is just an export away.

Ready For More?

Create online visibility of your unique Corestack catalog & revamp your online presence with Web+Corestack.