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As a small business, we strive to accommodate our clients while providing affordable, high-quality services. Our policy for non-payment is detailed below. Please get in touch today if you have any questions about our management procedures.

Website Suspension Policy 

Invoices from Beedash have a standard NET15 due date.

On the 1st business day of the month following a late invoice, notices are sent to clients indicating they have until the 25th day of that current calendar month to remit payment. If payment is not received by the 25th, your website will be suspended and rendered inactive.

Please understand Suspended Websites will not display online in search results, and clients will not be able to access your website.

If your website is suspended, you will receive an additional invoice for a $95.00 website re-activation fee.

From your Suspension Date, clients have 90 days to remit payment and reconcile their account.

If your account is still delinquent after 90 days of Suspension, your website will be Terminated.

Website Termination Policy

Terminated websites cannot be recovered. If a client wishes to reinstate their website after the 90 days, they will be subject to Website Development fees and will need to re-design their website with Beedash.