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06 September, 2023

Why Your Website’s Search Bar Matters More Than You Think

06 September, 2023

Have you ever tried searching for a kitchen gadget or a particular dish in a restaurant menu online, and left frustrated because you couldn’t find it? Your customers might have faced the same challenge on your website. Believe it or not, 12% of visitors might leave for a competitor’s website if they’re unsatisfied with your search results. In other words, an efficient search bar can be the difference between keeping or losing a sale!

Why Should You Care?

Imagine your physical store for a moment. A customer walks in, looking for a specific piece of kitchen equipment. If they have to rummage through cluttered shelves or the salesperson isn’t sure about the product’s location, that customer might leave without making a purchase. Your website’s search function acts like that knowledgeable salesperson. When efficient, it guides customers, boosts sales, and builds loyalty. Plus, understanding what customers are searching for gives you insights into their needs, helping you better tailor your offerings.

Being Google’s Best Friend

Everyone wants to be on Google’s good side. Why? Because being there means more people see your website. How your website interacts with visitors, especially through functions like search, affects your friendship with Google. A smooth and efficient search bar can help improve your site’s ranking, meaning more potential customers see your products. The longer visitors stay on your site, exploring multiple pages, the more Google believes your site is valuable and boosts your ranking.

Making Your Website’s Search Bar More User-Friendly

  1. Handle Common Misspellings: We all make mistakes, especially with tricky words. Maybe someone types in “espresso” as “expresso”. By redirecting commonly misspelled words, you ensure they still find that perfect coffee machine they’re looking for.
  2. Use Synonyms: Variety is key. For someone searching for “grill”, ensure they also find relevant results when they type “barbecue” or “BBQ”.

Every search made on your site provides valuable data. Notice a spike in searches for “induction cooktops”? It might be time to stock more of them. Observing a trend where a particular brand or type of kitchenware is frequently searched? Consider highlighting it in your store’s display or running a special promotion. The search bar isn’t just a tool—it’s a listening ear to your customer’s desires.

Avoiding the Pitfalls

Maintenance is crucial, be it for your kitchen equipment or your website’s features. An unchecked search function can cause minor annoyances or significant issues. Think of it as keeping your kitchen clean and orderly; a little effort regularly prevents bigger problems down the road. Schedule a periodic review to ensure your search bar remains an asset and not a liability.

In Conclusion

Your website’s search bar is like the friendly store assistant who knows exactly where everything is located. An efficient search bar not only improves the shopping experience but also provides insights to enhance your business offerings. At Beedash, we specialize in optimizing this feature for businesses in the FES industry. We ensure your website isn’t just functional but is also a powerful tool for growth. Connect with us and discover the untapped potential your website holds.

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