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08 February, 2023

February’s Industry Buzz

08 February, 2023

How delivered a superior B2B buyer experience.

Most of the U.S. shops online for everything they need, so why should the food service industry be any different? This was the initial thought, which lead to the founding of (FSD) in 1992. While other industries were quick to adopt the transformative potential of e-commerce, the food service industry seemed to move slowly…

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Kuehne+Nagel teams up with Lenovo to support technology customers in reducing their carbon footprint

To support enterprises in their commitment to minimise their environmental footprint and combat climate change, Lenovo is joining forces with Kuehne+Nagel to create a first-of-its-kind logistics service in the technology industry.

Supply chain 2023: Experts say things are looking up

The supply chain for restaurants looks better for 2023 despite ongoing recession concerns and labor challenges, industry experts say.

8 Storylines That Will Define Restaurant Growth in 2023

The pain of the pandemic has forced needed change in our industry—for operators this meant smaller menus, fewer SKUs, a focus back on the core business, greater efficiency, expanded off-premises services…

Foodservice operators’ equipment needs are evolving to meet the demands of a new environment in which off-premises dining plays a larger role, operating costs have soared, and new opportunities and challenges are arising almost daily.

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