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PIM for Digital Listings

List Online on Your Terms

Today’s modern business card is your online presence, and getting in front of local eyes on the internet could likely be the lead-generating edge your business is seeking. As digital natives become key decision-makers and more people adopt the use of online technology, the need for a healthy and visible online presence has never been so central for your marketing.

Everyone wants their company to place on the first page of a search engine, but the competition in the digital discovery market is dense, filled with competitors looking to target your audience. Knowing how to strategically place on a search engine can take time and resources to find what matches your company’s business model and goals.

Corestack product catalogs provide online optimization from both a technical and user perspective.

Get discovered by your target audience with a meta-rich, robust product catalog designed for local lead generation and search engine ranking benefits. If listing products online fits your business model over eCommerce sales, then seize the opportunity with rich product data.

Priced or not, a catalog website can be an extension of your in store customer service as a product reference guide to point perspective buyers towards. Online discovery creates an opportunity for dealerships to target local business searchers and deliver the customer service big-box sellers simply cannot offer.

Ready For More?

Create online visibility of your unique Corestack catalog & revamp your online presence with Web+Corestack.